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Tired of your results not displaying the way they’re supposed to? Wish your participants didn’t have to scroll through long lists of names to find their times? Our race results software makes things a lot more reliable for timers and event managers, and gives participants a much better experience. Plus, you get unlimited data storage, for FREE.


Upload to a stable and fast platform without hassle. Results can be uploaded in any format from race timing solutions such as IPICO and are then “groomed” to appear in a standard way. Instead of feeling like you’re trying to watch grass grow, timers can view a real-time progress bar of the upload and will get instantaneous feedback to troubleshoot if there are any issues.


Stop sending participants to another website to view their results! Embed code to display dynamic results directly on your site, making it simple for participants and giving your web traffic a boost. Plus, you can manage all of your event results from a single dashboard.


Provide results in a format that’s searchable, easy on the eyes, and interactive. Participants can view graphs and compare their results to other competitors or other events, instead of endlessly scrolling through flat files to find their names.


Get increased exposure for future races because participants will share their results via email and our social media integrations, giving your event results some viral power. PLUS, in an average month, our results pages have over 5 million page views. Your race will be there, waiting to be seen.

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The magnitude of marketing options with ACTIVE is incredible. They pretty much have developed a marketing option for every avenue a race director could possibly need...
Jill Prichard, Race Director, World Famous Mud Run
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