Continue building strong brand cache, differentiate your events and set your business up for long-term success in a competitive industry with our branding tools.


It’s Not Just an Event, it’s a Brand

In a competitive industry, having strong brand recognition is key to the success of your events and your business. With this in mind, we've developed tools and features throughout our solutions so you can continue to create and reinforce your message and your brand.


Branding Tools Built for You

Every place you can communicate with customers is modifiable to fit your unique brand needs, building better brand recognition and cache.

With an ecosystem approach, we are able to offer avenues for customizing your brand throughout the entire customer journey, from initial acquisition to delivering race results. Tailor everything from images, logos, fonts, styling and more to fit your needs.

Customer Acquisition and Your Brand

There are multiple points that your customers will interact with your brand, from discovering your event to registering and then experiencing your event. Manipulate logos, imagery and styling across your registration website, online registration and volunteer registration flows to ensure your customers, prospective customers and volunteers all have the exact branding experience you designed.


Post-Acquisition and Your Brand

Having prospective customers discover your brand is half the battle; remaining top of mind and continuing that same brand experience is the other half. With the ability to manipulate and edit branding, carry that experience throughout email communications, MyEvents, ACTIVE Results and the ACTIVE Experience app.

  • Send customized email communications.
  • Brand your MyEvents portal so that participants viewing/modifying their registration or buying additional merchandise have a seamless experience with your website and registration sites.
  • Brand your ACTIVE Results page and send customized SMS notifications.
  • Customize push notifications with fonts, images, logos and more with the Experience App.

Full CSS Manipulation

Whether you want to change out a hero image on a registration form or use a custom font and custom buttons, our solutions offer full CSS manipulation. Easily allow your web designer access to ACTIVEWorks® to blend all ACTIVE touch points with your other web properties.


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