Build Stronger Connections with your customers

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool that goes beyond a database. Segment your audience and send each segment targeted, personalized messaging to drive better engagement.


A Pioneer in Data Science


ACTIVE Network has been a pioneer in data science; leveraging big data and insights to help event organizers better manage their business. Activity Cloud was launched in 2015, and the significant investment that ACTIVE made in data science then has been parlayed into an advanced feature set that we launched in 2016, called CRM.


Score your Consumers' Engagement & Influence

For each consumer, an event organizer has a wealth of information related to their engagement with the organization. Lifetime value, social influence or email engagement scoring, number of total registrations made by the person and more are all summarized quickly within each persons' profile. Historic information like specific registrations, merchandise purchases, event results, check-in information, volunteer activities and email history are also available within 1 to 2 clicks.

The Power of Segmentation

An individual’s engagement metrics by themselves are powerful, but the true power is being able to look for segments of like-behaviored people. The filtering capabilities within ACTIVE's CRM enable event organizers to quickly find people that match certain criteria.

How long does it take you to locate repeat customers for a specific event or brand or to locate your five fastest people across your events? With ACTIVE CRM, it takes a few seconds. Can you locate your top social influencers in a particular state or ZIP Code? With ACTIVE CRM you can. 


Encourage Brand Ambassadors

Segmentation is a cornerstone to marketing. If you are blasting out the same message to everyone, you’re likely not reaching anyone. By creating custom segments based on the filtering mentioned above, you can quickly identify and communicate to your top volunteers.

You can create brand ambassadorships and loyalty programs and communicate specifically to those groups. You can create unique social referral campaigns specific to your top social influencers as you try to drive registrations or revenue for your business.

You don't need to buy overly complicated marketing tools, or pay a consulting group to help you figure this out, with our integrated CRM and email tool ACTIVE has already done the work. Whether marketing is one of your many jobs or marketing is your only job, our CRM gets the job done.

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