Race Pass

Just like a gift card or season pass, organizers can open another revenue stream and offer a more flexible path to registration.


The Gift of Race Pass


Race Pass allows event organizers to offer a season pass or gift card for your events. Participants can buy race passes for friends, family, coworkers or even themselves and the recipient redeems that pass for any one of your events. This flexibility opens up an additional revenue path for those customers who are concerned about committing to event dates or those buying gifts for their peers.

Why don’t organizers just send out gift cards? As simple as it sounds, manually sending out gift cards can be an administrative headache. Race Pass is a completely digital option that doesn’t require any legwork on the backend. Allow customers to purchase a race pass and it goes straight to the recipient for redemption when they’re ready. This process eliminates the need to stuff cards into envelopes or worry over lost inventory.


Not Just for Gifting

With so many moving parts, it can be challenging to ensure that each and every one of your customers has a smooth and positive experience on event day. A negative experience can prevent a customer from coming back the next year, but it can be hard to avoid at times. Offering a Race Pass can be a quick and easy remedy for a customer satisfaction issue.

Another challenging and unavoidable factor is weather. Because safety is paramount, event cancellations due to weather are incredibly common but can leave participants with a negative experience. Sending a Race Pass to all registrants is an easy solution that will incentivize your customers to come back for another event at their convenience.

Loyalty and Volunteers

Race Passes can be used as great incentives for both customers and volunteers to get more involved in your event. Build a loyalty or volunteer program around the promise of a race pass to drive registrations for your event or to encourage volunteer sign-ups.


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