Event Series Registration

ACTIVEWorks® event series registration offers an industry-leading solution for bundling your events so you can offer your participants a stand alone experience or a series of experiences, all within one registration flow.


Encourage Greater Participation Across All Events

In 2017, ACTIVEWorks® launched event series registration. When participants select the series, they are automatically registered for all events within that series. Importantly, we ensure that the revenue associated with each event properly maps to each of those events within the series.

Further incentivize your customers to register for multiple events by creating discounts or promotions within the event series tool.


Removing Administrative Burden and Human Error

Running an event series comes with its own unique set of challenges – ensuring your customer data is correct shouldn’t be one of them. With event series, all participant data is entered once and pushed to events within that series. No more manually entering information across other events or running the risk of your team entering data incorrectly – once the participant registers for the series, they’re registered for every event right away.

A Versatile Event Series

Have a holiday series? A series in multiple locations? No matter – structure your event series any way you choose. Set minimums and maximums around your series, and give participants the option of all, one or somewhere in between.

Event series versatility also applies to merchandise. Reduce the administrative headache of having to load merchandise into each event. Load merchandise into ACTIVEWorks® once and apply it to a single event or all events within a series.

They’re your events, just the way you want them.


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