Data Insights and Reporting

ACTIVE’s custom reporting capabilities are unmatched in the industry, giving you exactly the insights you need about your organization, your event and your audience.


Investing in Data Since 1999

Since the early days of online registration, ACTIVE has understood the power of data and analytics. Over the span of 20 years, ACTIVE has continued investing in data insights and reporting tools to help organizers successfully manage their events, including custom reporting capabilities and integrations.


Registration Data and Analytics

ACTIVE supports both Adobe and Google Analytics to provide the full picture of consumer interactions with your ACTIVE applications. View traffic on your registration page and gain insights on how to better grow your events. Understand activity on your event’s results page. Grow usage of your self-serve post-registration portal to reduce spend on supporting participants.

Reporting Capabilities Built for Your Needs

With over 15 pre-built reports covering topics from registration, revenue, merchandise, donations and more, ACTIVE has your reporting needs covered. ACTIVE also makes it easy to build custom reports by configuring which fields to pull and share with others. Reports can be displayed and downloaded from the backend user-interface (UI), sharable link or accessed via API call. Registrant data, volunteer data, marketing data, revenue data and more can all be quickly accessed to help inform business decisions.


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