Virtual Event Bags

Deliver a Better Experience for Participants and Measurable Results for Sponsors


The Evolution of the Event Bag


A Virtual Event Bag is a unique and effective way to provide special offers and personalized information to your participants. Its contents are similar to what is found in a traditional event bag but the streamlined digital presentation eliminates the need for manual bag stuffing and distribution and needless waste.

Your Virtual Event Bag is a custom-branded, dedicated landing page that serves as the central hub for your sponsor, exhibitor, charity partner and local business messaging. Participants can access digital offers on individual “tiles” at their convenience before, during and after the event.


Average participant engagement with your Virtual Event Bag


Average number of visits by each participant


Attract Sponsors

Virtual Event Bags allows you to send digital invitations to businesses, cutting out the manual work to attract and engage potential sponsors. Additionally, access to tiles created by ACTIVE’s national brand partners can give your event a big boost.

A big bonus for sponsors is being able to track return on investment (ROI). Sponsors will receive an automated report that outlines engagement with each of their offers. This not only allows you to see which sponsorships are most effective, but also allows your sponsors to track and manage their spending. Talk about a win-win.


Additional Revenue Streams

Along with sponsorship tiles and internal incentives, you can create tiles that link to event merchandise or other events, adding revenue streams and potentially boosting sponsorships.

Differentiate Your Event

There are almost 10 events happening every weekend in major cities and with competition like that, you need something to help your events stand out. As one element of ACTIVE’s holistic solution, Virtual Event Bags offers an easy and unique solution to elevate your event.


Go Green

Not only do Virtual Event Bags helps you save on time and costs of printing and materials, they also offer a solution to unnecessary waste. Studies show that more events and participants are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly.


Ease of Use

Virtual Event Bags is easy for you, your sponsors and your participants. In fact, most people consume information digitally and prefer the option to redeem offers from their devices.

When the bag is finalized, you’ll receive an email to send to your participant list, inviting them to check out your bag. From there, they can click on your sponsors’ tiles to follow links and download offers.  

Because every aspect of creating and distributing your event bag is digital, you and your staff will never have to spend hours manually stuffing event bags. More time back in your day means more time to focus on the success of your event.

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