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An easy-to-use, integrated platform that makes event management quick and effective for your team and your customers.


The ACTIVEWorks® Platform


ACTIVE created the online registration market for endurance events in 1999 and has continued to innovate and pioneer within the space with easy-to-use, robust, secure and scalable solutions. ACTIVEWorks® is an event management hub that offers a step-by-step approach to setting up an event (or a series of events) for a streamlined registration experience for both you and your participants.

ACTIVEWorks® supported events across 90 countries in 2018, including some of the most demanding rush events in the world, processing thousands of concurrent registrations a minute. Our security, country support and scalability mean we can confidently support your event. 

Completely customize your registration experience with branding options, like banners and logos, and unique elements, like membership validation and loyalty program numbers.


Scalable Platforms for Different Needs


No more paying for things you don’t need. With three tiers of functionality (Pro, Premium, and Elite) and pricing based on the features of each tier, ACTIVE can support you. Whether you are just starting out or have 10+ events, ACTIVE can tailor a solution to your specific business challenges.

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ACTIVEWorks® Features



Effective marketing isn't just about an engaging email anymore. The ACTIVEWorks® registration platform includes a robust set of tools to elevate your business.

  • Seamlessly manage communications with our email tool.
  • Use the CRM tool to build more personalized relationships with your audience.
  • Grow your event by incentivizing participants to bring their friends with social referral.
  • Engage consumers with the Experience App.
  • Drive demand with discounting and maximize revenue with pricing tools.

Event Day Operations

Having effective management tools for your event day operations is another critical piece of ensuring the success of your event. ACTIVE has a full range of event-day tools that live within or seamlessly integrate into our platform.

  • Utilize On-Site for event-day analytics, registration, check-in and more.
  • Employ our volunteer management tools to help ensure you have a successful event.
  • Manage bibs and coralls dynamically, manually or via set-it/forget-it system rules with our bib tool.


We recognize that some organizers need a one-stop shop while others are just looking for an online registration tool. With our full range of 1st party, 3rd party integrations and an open API, we meet you exactly where you need us.


ACTIVE takes pride in supporting events across 90 countries around the world. With competitive localization features that span more than 20 currencies and 30 languages, ACTIVE is committed to making the world a more active place.


Security and Compliance

It’s all about the data, especially the security of data. You’ll never lose sleep over knowing your customers’ data is safe and secure with ACTIVE’s PCI Level 1-Certified, Tier 4 data center. Further protect your business with custom roles and permissions to ensure everyone on your team only has access to the data you want them to see.

Finance and Accounting

While the end results might be fun and games, underneath it all you and your team are focused on the success of your business. ACTIVE has just the tools to ensure that success, including general ledger codes, event- and organization-based reports and dashboards so you can plot registration and revenue over time.


Languages supported across the ACTIVEWorks® solutions.

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