Event Management Software

Management tools that live within the ACTIVEWorks® platform give you the opportunity and flexibility to differentiate your event with custom options built right into the registration flow.


More Than Just Registration

ACTIVE's event management tools help you go beyond a registration experience. With tools like waiver and document management, pricing plans and more, ACTIVE's management tools ensure that your whole event is a seamless experience.


Maximize Revenue with Pricing Tools

The ACTIVEWorks® platform houses a robust pricing tool that allows the flexibility to maximize revenue based on your audience’s price sensitivity. Define prices for each category and create a schedule for increases based on price or volume to help drive registration urgency.

For added flexibility and additional revenue opportunities, leverage payment plan functionality in ACTIVEWorks® that allows organizers to create a custom payment plan automatically charged to consumers' credit cards. Number of installments, the amount of the installments, the availability of the plan and deposit amount are all easily configured within the feature.  

Easily add custom fees to your event that can be used to account for the cost of sales tax, shipping and handling, value-added tax (VAT), add-ons and more. These fees can be based on a flat-fee model or on a percentage basis, giving more flexibility to your pricing and fee structure.

Dynamic Content

Easily add custom questions into your registration flow. Custom questions can be presented to every registrant or targeted to specific registrants, like displaying different questions when your participants buy for themselves vs. buying for others. Conditional logic allows you to ask follow-up questions based on a previous answer. Questions can be defined for online registration only, back-office registrations, the ACTIVE On-Site application or all of the above.

Merchandise can be dynamically displayed by distinct sales channels. Items can also be shown based on age, gender, price category and more. For example, display a specific shirt to women only between the ages of 25-35 that are running in the 5k category.


VIP Invitiations

With the VIP tool, you can send tailored invitations for early access or swag to your influencers, sponsors, volunteers and the media. Create VIP lists and groups individually, via import or from our CRM tool. Monitor redemption of VIP invitations and utilize that data to target lists with specific messaging in the email tool.


Manage all waivers within the ACTIVEWorks® platform with customizable options and unmatched flexibility. Upload custom waivers, create new waivers and edit all waivers within the tool itself. Define waivers based on channel so you have the flexibility to offer different sets of waivers online before the event vs. on-site on event day. Additionally, save space by compressing all waivers from an event into one zip file for archiving.


Document Management

Paperwork and required documentation, like medical waivers, can easily get lost in the chaos of an event. The document management tool creates an easy-to-use workflow allowing you to quickly review and approve documents that are digitally supplied by participants.

Wrong document or illegible handwriting? No worries, you can reject uploaded documents from a list of reasons. If rejected, the tool will automatically inform the participants of the document issue and prompt them to resubmit the required documentation. Additional configurations allow you to check in athletes, so no one enters the race without the necessary documents. Rest easy knowing you can quickly tackle event liabilities with ease.

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