Your Merchandise, Your Way

Create additional revenue streams and grow your business with integrated merchandising tools built with you and your team in mind.


Building Your Add-On Revenue

Maximize revenue by creating a full merchandise store within your registration and purchase flows. Display your merchandise exactly the way you intended with high-res imagery and large text description capabilities. Because ACTIVE’s platform is mobile-optimized, your merchandise is presented in the best way possible on any device. Whether your customers are at their desks or on-the-go, you’ll be able to build your add-on revenue.


Dynamic Merchandise

Want to offer different merchandise to difference audiences or through different channels? No problem. ACTIVE’s merchandise can be personalized, channel specific, based on your criteria so you can serve different merchandise options to different audiences – e.g. children’s shirts will only show up in a children’s registration flow, so your participants see only what applies to them. 

Expand Your Sales Audience

Increase your sales reach by implementing ACTIVE’s POS app. Sell to participants and spectators alike while managing your inventory in one fully-integrated system. This powerful app consolidates your inventory and revenue without the use of third-party vendors and numerous comparison reports.

ACTIVE Endurance POS

Manage All Inventory in One Place

You and your team can track fulfillment of merchandise from both ACTIVEWorks® and ACTIVE On-Site so you can ensure everything runs smoothly. Once an item is marked as picked-up or purchased, all data is then sent back to the ACTIVEWorks® platform, allowing you to see everything in a single view and report based on specific events, items, GL codes and more. Ensuring all your merchandise data is consistent.

Additionally, with global merchandise capabilities available within ACTIVEWorks®, you can have one inventory that spans across all of your events and then funnel specific items to individual events. No more having to tediously load merchandise for each event.

Sell Your Partners' Merchandise

The ACTIVEWorks® platform seamlessly integrates with your 3rd party merchants to have their merchandise displayed in your registration flows. The ACTIVE platform utilizes automatic revenue share so there’s no delay or downtime for you or your partner when receiving merchandise revenue. 3rd parties can easily log into their own portal to check sales and revenue, as well as fulfill their sold merchandise. Additionally, dedicated merchandise APIs make it easy for your partners to integrate their systems with yours.


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