Seamless, Integrated Race Timing Technology

ACTIVE Network | IPICO race timing hardware guarantees industry-leading accuracy with integrated software solutions that work together to help you deliver precise timing and elevated race experiences, without the extra hassle.

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IPICO Race Timing Equipment

At ACTIVE, we create powerful solutions that work together seamlessly without sacrificing accuracy.

120+ tag reads per second

13+ M people timed per year

Whether you’re a timer wanting to grow your business, or a race director looking to take timing into your own hands, we have your race timing needs covered.

With IPICO RFID timing systems, you can quickly sync results with race timing software then send participant data to your ACTIVE Results page and Event App.

Our suite of solutions enables you to get your endurance race up and running quickly, moving smoothly from planning and registration all the way through to race day.

Choose Your Timing Adventure

Your Super Elite Reader is now more flexible than ever. With the newest offerings from ACTIVE Network | IPICO, you can easily switch between Dual Frequency and UHF, or combined Dual Frequency and UHF timing for your road races.

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Family of Solutions

ACTIVE Network | IPICO offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions to ensure your event has all the tools it needs. Integrate seamlessly with the full suite of ACTIVE products as part of the comprehensive event ecosystem for race timers, directors and participants.

“It’s very easy to operate. You just switch the reader on one time. Our old system had to be tuned before each event.”

Motohiko Kato, Head of the Timing Section of RECS, INC, R-bies parent company

Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon
Virgin London Marathon
Tokyo Marathon
Vodafone Istanbul Marathon
Brighton Marathon

Join the event professionals, just like you, who are using ACTIVE Network | IPICO for all their race timing solutions.

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