Integrated Scoring: ACTIVE Timing

Timers have a seamless scoring experience from start to finish with a sophisticated timing platform that integrates with ACTIVE’s IPICO hardware and the ACTIVE Results platform.


A Straightforward,
Integrated Solution



Because ACTIVE Timing was built with diversity in mind, the interface is simple to learn and implement for part-time timers yet robust enough for professional timers. Quickly configure endurance race timing equipment with a graphic interface, and save common race configurations including age group categories and timing points. Rapidly assign bibs based on division or wave, and dynamically distribute race bibs and timing chips during packet pick-up or on event day.

A Unified Login

We understand the importance of simplicity when it comes to timing and scoring. A unified login for an event organizer or timer gains them access to ACTIVE Timing for timing and scoring, ACTIVEWorks® for online registration, ACTIVE On-Site for race day registration or check-in, ACTIVE Reader Cloud for reader management and ACTIVE Results for live results and final publishing.


Results Integration

Timers can publish live results on ACTIVE Results seamlessly by toggling a switch within ACTIVE Timing, and results can easily be updated within the same platform. When using ACTIVE Timing with ACTIVE Results, timers can manage error-handling and results disputes in real-time during and after the event. Participants simply tap a button on the events’ results page to send a push notification to the timer within ACTIVE Timing, allowing timers to handle inquiries in an integrated platform.


Updates and Intelligence

ACTIVE Timing ensures customers' feedback is heard. Through optional in-app updates and a section for customer feedback, which get routed to our internal teams, we are constantly innovating and developing enhancements.


Modern Architecture

Concerned about a strong internet connection at your event? ACTIVE Timing is an on-premise application that intelligently deals with connectivity challenges Because ACTIVE Timing isn’t browser-based and has robust support for online and offline workflows, there’s no need to worry about internet connectivity. Score the race offline and publish results when you regain signal.

ACTIVE Timing creates a command center for your timing data. Run the program on a single laptop or use the networked database mode to connect from multiple logins.

Remotely manage and monitor your Super Elite readers from anywhere in the world with ACTIVE Timing and simplify connections and sharing with ACTIVE Reader Cloud. Monitor and control these readers from a desktop or a mobile device, no matter how far away you are from your readers.

Live Results SMS

Keep All Event Attendees in The Loop with Live Results SMS. Provide spectators and participants with a system generated code and number to easily opt-in and instantly begin receiving result notifications for their selected athlete. Plus, it is on the event level, meaning it can be offered on an ad hoc basis as an added benefit for your timing services.

Scalable Platform for All of Your Events

Built for the pressures and needs of the largest and most demanding events, ACTIVE Timing is proven to handle the requirements of mass participation events of any size and type. From 5Ks to full triathlons, 500 participants to 50,000 participants, ACTIVE Timing scales to fit your needs.

Support for 3rd Parties

While ACTIVE Timing seamlessly integrates with IPICO hardware and ACTIVE’s online registration, that’s not the only way you can utilize it for your events. ACTIVE Timing supports CSV uploads as well as a direct integration with RunSignUp. ACTIVE Timing also supports readers other than IPICO, like J-CHIP to ensure you don’t run into any downtime.

Global Language Support

Operate globally with the multilingual interface for events anywhere. ACTIVE Timing supports English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, German, Italian and French with additional languages constantly being added.

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