An integrated donation and fundraising solution that allows you and your participants to support the causes that matter to you.


Looking for Ways to Give Back

Studies show participants aren’t just looking for endurance events anymore; they’re looking for creative and unique ways to give back, through both donations and fundraising. ACTIVEWorks® and its integrations with giving platforms turn participants into fundraisers and help drive engagement to the causes you care about.


Seamless Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

ACTIVEWorks® partners with CrowdRise and JustGiving, leading online fundraising solutions, to give you and your customers a seamless experience when raising money.  

Participants can create fundraisers automatically during registration. After registering, fundraisers are directed to their fundraising pages where they can customize their page and invite others to fundraise for their cause.  

Customers can keep track of fundraising goals and progress on their fundraising page and within their MyEvents portal. Because all fundraising information syncs with ACTIVEWorks®, both you and your customers can monitor your fundraising efforts throughout the entire journey.

Custom Branding and Sharing

Each fundraising event comes with a webpage that is completely customizable with your message and brand. Give your participants and partners a consistent experience by listing fundraising details, stories, pictures and more on one webpage.

Additionally, partners and participants can share this page with their friends and family, giving you more visibility to the causes you care about.


In-Line Donations

As an organizer, you need to give your customers multiple on-ramps to give back. While fundraising is a very effective tool to get your participants and their peers involved in a cause, in-line donations are a simple way for your registrants to give back on the spot. During registration, your participants can give to a cause that you’ve specified – no fundraising page or extra steps required, and their donation is itemized in the cost of their registration during check-out.

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