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Enhance participant and spectator engagement and bring your event to life like never before.


Not Your Standard
Event Day App


The ACTIVE Experience App (iOS/Android) is the premiere engagement tool for connecting organizers, participants and spectators, on event day and beyond. Leverage the trend of socialized endurance events by immersing your athletes’ friends and families in the race experience and creating branding and revenue opportunities for you and your sponsors. With first-to-market features like Apple Watch support and augmented reality, ACTIVE ensures you stay in step with your consumers.


Augmented Reality For Your Event

Event day can be chaotic. With the Experience App Augmented Reality (AR) mode, eliminate the chaos by overlaying your event map onto the real world.  

Trying to find the check-in counter in the sea of vendor booths or find the closest bathroom? AR camera mode puts landmarks in the field of view of the user, showing them the direction and distance to the landmark. No longer will event-goers have to pull out event instructions, a map and compass to get where they are going.

Everything at Your Fingertips

Allow your participants to engage with your event on their phone or their Apple Watch. Both devices support a robust set of functionalities, from participants sharing their course location via Apple Watch or phone, to receiving push notifications and accepting or declining follow requests and more.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Map Landmarks 
Share sponsors’ locations and high-quality content, blended seamlessly into the app experience. Promoted push notifications provide sponsor access to an entire audience of app users, with rich-content messaging offering sponsored products, partner offers and more.  

Splash Page and Home Page
Images ensure display of sponsors’ photos, logos and products to all app users.  

Sponsored Live Results 
Provide increased sponsor value by customizing updates with a signature (“Powered by Your Sponsor”). 

Custom Links 
Highlight a partner or sponsor to all app users, directing them to a sponsored website, e-commerce store, event registration form and more.

Engagement in the Palm of Your Hand

A Single App

One app for all of your events. The ACTIVE Experience App houses your complete portfolio of events as branded, unique tiles. Drive higher engagement and visibility for your events by displaying them to all those who have downloaded the Experience App.  

Push Notifications

The Experience App isn’t just an event day tool. Send ad-hoc or scheduled push notifications with sponsor messages, discounts and promotions, event updates, registration reminders and more, year-round.

Social Sharing

Drive engagement for your event by allowing friends, family and fans to share participant race results and finisher photos directly to social channels from within the Experience App.

Live Leaderboards

Keep spectators informed through live leaderboards and live results push notifications. Spectators and athletes can see at a glance where they rank against their peers.

Easily Configure Engagement in ACTIVEWorks®

No third party tools or new concepts to master. The Experience App comes included with the Elite Tier package of ACTIVEWorks®. The same platform and functionality that you use for your registration flows and email communications are used to create your event tiles within the Experience App.

Participant Tracking

The Experience App keeps track of runners via GPS or their IPICO chip, enabling spectators to see the participant’s location and track their progress. Followers will get a notification each time a participant hits a milestone. After opt-in, allow your followers to locate you on the event grounds before or after the event.



For you and your sponsors, branding is crucial to the growth and success of your business. Continue building your brand experience with the Experience App and ensure that your brand is in front of your customers at every step of their event journey.

Not Your Average Course Map

Give your spectators and participants a complete view of your event and all it has to offer with interactive course maps. Plot points of interest, restrooms, water stations and more on a full map view, allowing consumers to get navigation instructions to those notable points. Additionally, easily upload PDF maps for additional visability across your course. Boost revenue and engagement by driving traffic to notable points, like merchandise or sponsorship tents and give directions to nearby landmarks.  


Custom Links

Have a charity you're supporting? Want to link to merchandise pages? Want to open registration early for future events? Capitalize on event day excitement and drive engagement to activities important to your business by adding custom tiles to your Experience App listing that you can link to external web pages. Any information you want your participants and spectators to have, they can have in the palm of their hand.

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