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Get the management tools and exposure you need to take your event, and the worthwhile cause you support, to the next level with online fundraising software. We know this is a personal mission and you’d rather spend your time connecting with people who are part of that mission instead of dealing with processes and technology. That’s why we’ve created race software with an integrated fundraising component, which will show you how to start a fundraiser online.

We make it simple for you to manage every detail of your event and fundraising efforts. All event management is part of one system and you can easily track goals, revenue, donors, and more . . . all while planning the logistics of a great event. On top of that, we’ll spread awareness to our community of thousands of active philanthropic participants. The more people we put your event in front of, the more donations you’ll raise for your cause.


Integrated Race Management and Online Fundraising Software

Integrated Race Management and Online Fundraising Software

Why juggle two separate systems when you can have one to manage it all? Our online registration software includes a fundraising integration that will simplify and consolidate all of your event management responsibilities.

  • Integrated Fundraising: As participants sign up for your event, donations are collected through CrowdRise, an easy fundraising solution, during the registration process.
  • Custom Reporting: Detailed reports and dashboards show online fundraising results in real-time, tracking and showing results as you work toward your race fundraising goal.
  • Branded Site: Easily create a customized donation website, complete with photos, stories and more so you can share your message with friends and family.
  • Teams and Individuals: Whether the goal is to raise money online as a team or an individual, you’re able to create a page and start raising money in minutes.
  • Volunteers: If you need more helping hands, the online fundraising software is flexible enough to incorporate volunteer management, saving you from spending time on recruitment.
  • Globalization: Take your events worldwide with a flexible system that supports 30+ currencies and a host of languages.
Marketing That Generates Awareness

Marketing That Generates Awareness

Our exclusive marketing opportunities will extend your reach beyond your normal channels and spread awareness for your cause in a way that wasn’t possible before.

  • Free Event Listing: Your event will be listed in’s searchable calendar, which attracts 8 million+ unique visitors each month.
  • Marketing Consultation: Need help promoting your event? Our in-house digital marketing consultants can walk you through website setup, social media, email and more. If you don’t have time for the marketing side, leave the heavy lifting to us with our full-service digital marketing management.
  • Higher Search Rankings: Your event listing and registration page will appear higher in search results because carries a lot of SEO strength that you’ll be leveraging organically.
  • Social Media Integrations: Sharing your campaign across all your social channels has never been easier. With our easy-to-use social media components, friends and family alike can contribute toward your goal.
  • Customized Event Page: Create an online donation page for your event and share it with participants, sponsors and more. It’s easy to raise money online with ACTIVE and CrowdRise.

What does all of this mean? All of these things—your calendar listing, the affiliate network, SEO strength, and Facebook—work together to give your event and cause powerful exposure to thousands of new people, at no cost and without any work by you.

Relationship Building Tools

Our online fundraising software includes tools that save you time and also provide participants with a great user experience.

Relationship Building Tools
  • Donate Any Day, Any Time: Safely and securely donate 24/7 from your tablet, phone or computer.
  • Participant Self-Editing: Participants can easily update personal info, transfer bibs, and more entirely on their own, saving you hours of time.
  • Registration Incentives: Roll out the red carpet by setting up VIP-style special entries and generate coupon codes to offer discounts that participants won't be able to pass up.
  • Event Support: We understand that strong relationships are built upon being supportive, which is why we have a team dedicated to helping our customers with all of their event and technical questions (support is free and unlimited).
  • Participant Support: If participants have registration or fundraising questions they can come to us, which frees up more of your time to focus on building a great event experience and connections to your cause.


Free Advice

We don’t want to just be your technology provider, we want to be your partner. With 16+ years in the industry and over 13,000 clients around the world, we can give you advice on everything from website optimization to marketing best practices to event pricing strategies.

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Dedicated Support

You'll receive a dedicated account manager who will be there when needed throughout your event planning and execution process. You’ll also have access to technical support designed to meet the needs of your event, from live chat and online help to live phone support. Plus, your participants can call us (instead of you) with any registration questions!

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Easy & Fast Set Up

We understand that you have other priorities and limited hours, so we make sure that getting set up on our race management software will take no time at all. It’s fast and easy, allowing you to open for business and start taking registrations quickly, without hassle.

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