Event Registration Protection

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Relieve athletes' concerns about refunds in case of events outside of their control.

Life being what it is, participants sometimes hesitate to take advantage of early-bird registration months in advance because they simply can’t be sure they’ll make it. Injury, illness, car trouble or jury duty can sideline them at any time. With registration protection, participants can quickly and easily secure their entry fees during the signup process (terms and conditions apply).

With Our Race Fee Registration Protection, You Can…

  • Instill confidence in runners committing to your event, increasing participation and revenue
  • Support a stricter no-refunds policy without guilt
  • Gain a share of the revenue (action required)
  • Leave refund applications, coverage details, payments, and inquiries to our program’s administrator, Booking Protect
  • Offer optimized pricing to meet participants’ needs

Registration Protection is integrated into your registration flow, ensuring the entire process is automatic for directors.

Seamlessly deliver peace of mind to your customers while supporting your refund policy.

“The whole system has some nice features that make our lives easier on a daily basis.”

Sally Smith
Big Sur International Marathon