ACTIVE’s race results software allows event directors and timers to quickly get results in the hands of participants and spectators. With result dispute resolution and the ability for participants to manage and own their times, our running race results software provides an accessible way to offer immediate results while giving participants and spectators a complete experience.


Live results flow in real-time from ACTIVE Timing into our fast and stable platform, or results can be uploaded in any format from other race timing software. They are then “groomed” to appear in a standardized, user-friendly format for your athletes.

When used with ACTIVE Timing, participants can take advantage of our unique race results disputes feature. Timers can manage results disputes in real-time during and after the event, helping to validate age group winners with confidence prior to medal ceremonies. Athletes simply tap a button on the results page, sending a push notification to the Timer in ACTIVE Timing - eliminating inquiries for Race Directors.

Event Directors

Event Directors can provide live and immediate results that participants (and spectators) now demand from your events. Plus, our new running race results software syncs directly with ACTIVE Timing, giving participants the ability to dispute results directly with the timer, alleviating post-race inquiries for Event Directors. ACTIVE Results also allows you to set up a custom-branded results page for your event when using the Elite Tier in ACTIVEWorks Endurance, giving your participants a consistently branded experience from registration through to results.


Participants can view and manage their live and post-race results from ACTIVE, finish line kiosks and their MyEvents Page. Spectators and participants can track and view results from within the ACTIVE Experience App. With all these options, your participants will get a live, interactive experience that will enhance their race day experience no matter where they are. After the event, participants can easily navigate to results, dispute times (when the Timer uses ACTIVE Timing), and compare themselves to other competitors or events.

Your Event

Not only will your event provide the instant gratification participants have grown to expect at races, you’ll also get increased exposure for future races because participants will share their results via email and our social media integrations, giving your event results some viral power. Your race will be there, waiting to be seen.

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