The social referral rebate makes it easy for your participants to promote your events to their family and friends (and even strangers). You define who gets paid, when they get paid, and how much they get paid for bringing new registrants to your events.

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Turn Participants into Promoters

Drive registrations and revenue by providing each registrant with a financial incentive to market your event and recruit additional registrants from their network. The rule-based system creates flexibility for organizers to bend the tool in several different ways, including tiered rebates, rebates for the referrer and referee or just the referrer, and percentage or flat rebate amounts.

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Reduce Operational Marketing Effort

Referral rebates are issued automatically based on rules defined by the organizer. Once configured, no additional administrative effort is required from the organizer to manage the campaign.

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Incentivize Team Recruitment

Increase average team size and drive revenue by providing each team captain with easy tools to share and market your event. At any point in time, participants can login to MyEvents to check their current progress to referral goals. Each time they hit a new referral goal, participants get an automated email from our system and a gentle nudge to push harder toward the next goal.

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