Online Fundraising Tools

Looking to make the fundraising process easier for your event setup? ACTIVE’s partnership with CrowdRise makes online fundraising part of the registration process, making it easy to set up fundraising within event setup. Our seamless integration allows race directors a prime solution for fundraising management and one less aspect to worry about.

Customizable pages allow individuals and teams to raise money for their cause from the second they register for an event. Build traction around your fundraising efforts and bring a new, interactive feeling to the charitable side of race day with the ease of ACTIVE’s partnership with CrowdRise.

Online Fundraising on your phone

Fundraising and Registration that Work Together

Combining our charity fundraising software into your event setup keeps the setup process streamlined and allows you to focus on your event planning.

  • Easily set up a charity fundraising page while creating your event
  • Incorporate donations into the registration process
  • Securely process donations online 24/7 from your computer, phone or tablet
  • Watch donations in real-time and monitor contributions as you near your goal

Team Fundraising that Supports a Good Cause

Build your fundraising website in a matter of minutes and share it

  • Perfect for every event – from running to swimming and more
  • Easily set up team and individual pages, and track fundraising goals
  • Participants can customize pages with photos, stories and more
  • Share your page on your social media channels with simple-to-use components


Set Up Event Fundraising

Experience the technology that helps you create experiences participants will love.

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Three months after launching our first event on ACTIVE we’ve seen a 64% rise in fundraising page creation...The user journey is seamless and we can stay focused on putting on a great event.
Sarah Himefield Shaw, Events Team Against Breast Cancer



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