Grow your Race and Revenue without adding Participants

The ACTIVE Experience App is a customizable mobile event app that allows fans, friends and family to engage with your event and track their favorite participant: all from their mobile device.

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Now, instead of guessing where your favorite participant will be along the course, or when they will finish, detailed and up-to-the-second alerts keep you informed throughout the event. With race timing features, participant tracking, social sharing, registration for upcoming events and more, the ACTIVE Experience App delivers a customized mobile experience without having to solicit third-party developers.

Participant Tracking

Family, friends and fans can track their favorite participants via their timing chip or GPS, enabling spectators to see the participant’s real-time location on the event mobile app’s course maps. A live result leaderboard further increases spectator engagement by allowing them to view the top participants at each of the split points and the finish line

Event Notifications

Take participant communication beyond e-mail by sending important race day updates via in-app notifications. Participants, friends and family can receive push notifications on split times, pace and cumulative time.

ACTIVE's ability to create a custom mobile app that increased engagement is a testament to their innovation and expertise.

Tom Naylor, Managing Director, Grounded Events

Instant Race Results

With participant tracking from start to finish, event app users can see and opt-in to receive push notifications on estimated finish times. Allow users to immediately access their race results upon finishing.

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Customized for Your Event

Customize your mobile event app directly from within ACTIVEWorks Endurance, without the help of third-party developers, to match your brand. Building and editing course maps, and publishing content is also easily handled from the familiar ACTIVEWorks Endurance environment.

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Social Sharing

Allow friends, family and fans to post race day photos directly to social channels from within the event app.

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Register Your Participants

Waste no time in opening next year’s registration. Send push notifications to remind participants to sign up for next year’s event from directly within the app.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Promote map landmarks and sponsored locations along the course. High-quality sponsored content is blended seamlessly into the user experience, including branding. Promote training programs throughout the year and push to promoted channels and additional sponsors.

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