How to Organize a Marathon

Free Download How to Organize a Marathon Planning Guide

So, you've decided to plan a marathon race? Maybe you've always had a passion for running. Or, perhaps you want to help hundreds (if not thousands) of people get in great shape? Then again, you may just like the feel of simultaneously wielding a bullhorn and an airhorn?

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Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn how to plan a marathon race, you have chosen a noble, but challenging task. We've helped a lot of race directors plan awesome marathons over the years and we've taken what we've learned to create this free race director guide.

Everything you'd need to know to start planning your 26.2 is covered in 20 steps, including:

  1. Selecting the location & course that's tailored to your target participants.
  2. Creating a realistic budget that factors in your registration goals.
  3. Getting a variety of permits from city officials
  4. Contacting local groups and businesses to sponsor the race.
  5. Choosing technology and timing partners.

And 15 more!

Download the full race director guide today to learn how to plan a marathon event.

“Set a goal for the number of participants you’d like to register in your first year. It’s important to be realistic here.” Sam Renouf
General Manager, Sports,
ACTIVE Network