RFID Race Timing Tags to Fit Your Event Needs.

Whether you’re timing for road racing, cross country, cycling or a mud run, ACTIVE Network | IPICO has a RFID chip timing solution to fit your event needs.

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Our Dual Frequency and Ultra High Frequency tags pair with IPICO readers to provide the industry's most accurate race timing systems. With tags for every race, IPICO tags are perfect for you. Any time, any place, any race.

Dual Frequency Shoe Tags

IPICO shoe tags provide the most accurate chip timing solution in the market. They are known to achieve 99.9998% accuracy in large-scale events with up to 14 timing points.

These generic or custom shoe tags are also ideal for cross country events or elite races where split-second accuracy is key. Having 4 holes for ties or easy lace-up, these passive running shoe tags are waterproof and crushproof, which is why they are preferred by many mud run and OCR events worldwide.

Generic shoe tags for runners can be collected and reused race to race, saving event timers money and allowing them to be more competitive in their timing market.

Many event timers choose custom shoe tags to incorporate their company brand in their timing chips. Since they are still low cost, custom tags are also often used for athlete keepsakes, sponsorship branding and post-event coupons, which alleviates the need for tag collection post-race.

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Dual Frequency Bib Tags

IPICO’s patented Dual Frequency RFID technology also supports disposable bib chip timing by affixing our one-use tags to your bibs.

With sizing to support both running bibs as well as smaller cycling plates, bib tag timing is attainable for events ranging from road races through mountain biking events.

Bib tags can be applied to generic or custom bibs. Custom Bib Tags are provided in a race-ready format; your race bibs with chips are pre-applied and paired with a bib tag mapping file.

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True Tags

Simplified UHF timing with a single tag.

Our UHF solutions now only need a single tag with no foam backing. With several purchasing options, you can choose the True Tag solution that works best for you.

Tested in multiple environments, these affordable tags help you compete more aggressively for contracts without sacrificing the accuracy or reliability you have come to expect with IPICO.

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Multisport Tags

The Multisport Tag integrates with IPICO’s Dual Frequency race timing systems.

It offers extreme flexibility in race tag positioning, an outstanding read range and the protection of a robust, water-proof casing made to withstand the most demanding conditions in running, multisport and cycling events.

This waterproof chip timing solution requires no battery and features two slots to easily attach to an ankle strap.

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Power Tags

The Power Tag is compatible with all of IPICO’s Dual Frequency readers and the perfect solution for triathlon, cycling, and mountain biking events.

The versatile Power Tag is a high-performance Dual Frequency timing chip with advanced read rate reliability, accommodating speeds up to 70 km/hr (43.5 mph).

The high-impact, waterproof casing will withstand extreme conditions including saltwater. The battery operated Power Tag has a 3-year life from manufacture time. This tag is also used in conjunction with our Cycling Antenna that eliminates the need for mats.

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