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For over 15 years race bibs have been a crucial part of the endurance industry. However, in recent years they have moved beyond the purely practical use (race timing equipment) into a valuable keepsake for runners and a revenue tool for timers.

Generic Race Bibs

These low profile race bibs feature the ACTIVE Network | IPICO logo and include pre-punched holes in each corner.

Key Features

  • Optimal for timers looking to save money by ordering in bulk quantities
  • Best for general races
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Basic Custom Race Bibs

Similar to generic bibs, basic custom bibs feature a low profile design with a custom look.

Key Features

  • Customized keepsake for race participants
  • Ideal solution for organizations with multiple timed events per season
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Race Bibs with Pull Tags

Both pre- and post-race procedures can be made easier with these bibs.

Key Features

  • Add value to customers with additional sponsorship opportunities on pull tags
  • Organize pre-race logistics for t-shirt pick-up, as well as food and beverage distribution
  • Walk the participant through the race process, from check-in to event bag pick-up
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Race Bibs with Wristbands

Wristbands provide an easy way to manage exclusive access for elite athletes, VIPs, and other unique groups that may be participating in events.

Key Features

  • For triathlons, wristbands can designate who enters the transition area
  • Differentiate participants with VIP access
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