The Complete Race Timing System

ACTIVE Network | IPICO provides RFID timing solutions that cater to all your event needs. From timing a better event to utilizing the most intuitive software and providing unique experiences to participants, ACTIVE Network | IPICO works with you to create comprehensive race timing systems.

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Four RFID Reader Choices, Endless Possibilities

Super Elite: UHF Reader

The Super Elite: UHF Reader is a powerful UHF race timing system ideal for races of any size. Building on the reliability of the Super Elite system it supports up to 8m mats allowing for a wide start or finish line setup.

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Super Elite: DF Reader

The Super Elite Reader is a powerful Dual Frequency race timing system ideal for medium to large events. It supports twice as many antenna mats as a Lite Reader, allowing for a wider start or finish line setup.

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Lite Reader

The Lite Reader is the most popular reader option for new customers. Commonly used with smaller events, this reader can time races with up to 2,000 participants and is also ideal for school/military fitness assessments.

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Introducing: Quattro Card

With the introduction of the Quattro Card to the Super Elite: DF, your Super Elite system is now the most versatile and reliable timing system in the industry. The installation of a Quattro card enables your Super Elite Reader to time your events using either UHF or Dual Frequency, or even combine the two frequencies.

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The Most Intuitive Timing & Scoring Software

ACTIVE Timing is a sophisticated but easy-to-use timing and scoring platform that seamlessly integrates with the ACTIVE suite of solutions. Now, timers can effortlessly sync participant data with their timing software, then stream results to the ACTIVE Results platform.

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Timing Mats & Antennas

IPICO offers durable mats and antennas for all our readers. This hardware is designed for running, cross country, triathlon, cycling, mud runs, swimming, Nordic sports and fitness assessments. No matter the type of race, we’ve got you covered.

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ACTIVE Network | IPICO race timing tags guarantee industry-leading accuracy, with integrated software solutions that work together to help you deliver precise timing and elevated race experiences without the extra hassle.

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Race Bibs

A bib for every occasion! Customers can choose from any of our four bib options. We offer a wide variety of bibs for every purpose at every price. Plus, save time during race week by opting into our bib and chip assembly services.

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Race Timing Accessories

IPICO’s race timing accessories give you the ability to accurately test tag reads, test read zones with mats, stay powered up and ensure you have the connectivity you need to successfully time your events.

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IPICO Race Timing Accessories

Event App

With participant tracking, social sharing, registration for upcoming events and more, the ACTIVE Event App delivers a customized mobile experience for your athletes and spectators without having to solicit third-party developers.

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