Customer Testimonial Videos

Superfly Running

“We not only market to our past participants with the tool…it’s been a very helpful tool for communicating with our participants and growing our event.”

– Justin Draplin, Superfly Running

A1A Marathon

“Achieving an 800% return on investment is a decision I’d make every time.”

– Matt Lorraine, Publix’s Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon


"From a data perspective, from a currency perspective, from a languages and support perspective, I can't imagine doing it without a partner like ACTIVE."

– Ben Telling, CTO, IRONMAN


"We can contact ACTIVE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with any issues."

Castle Triathlon Series

"We chose ACTIVE over other providers primarily because they’ve got the best system on the market and we get the best customer service than any of the other providers in the market."

– Brian Adcock, Race Director, Castle Triathlon Series

Dave McGillvray

"I always like to align myself with people and organizations that have a significant degree of credibility and integrity, and I truly believe that’s what ACTIVE is all about."

– Dave McGillvray, Founder, DMSE Sports

The Color Run

"ACTIVE has done a great job allowing us to process a lot of information really quickly."

– John Connors, VP of Product Development, The Color Run

The Color Run & ACTIVE On-Site

"We'll do races where we check in 8,000 people just on event morning with ACTIVE On-Site."

– John Connors, VP of Product Development, The Color Run

Bermuda Marathon

"Our Account Representative has become like an actual team member."

– Anthony Raynor, Race Director, Bermuda Marathon

REV3 Triathlon

"I've been blown away by the resources that ACTIVE has invested in that have given us the opportunity to do things we've never done before."

– Eric Opdyke, President, REV3 Triathlon

Quad Cities Marathon and Virtual Event Bags

"Our sponsors really like Virtual Event Bags, once you have this you can't go back to the old fashioned goody bag."

– Joe Moreno, President, Quad Cities Marathon

Big Sur International Marathon and Virtual Event Bags

"Virtual Event Bags are most cost effective for our sponsors."

– Julie Armstrong, Marketing & Communications Director, Big Sur International Marathon

Virtual Event Bags

"I love Virtual Event Bags, it's the way to go!"

Jailbreak Race Events

"The amount of one-on-one attention we're able to get from ACTIVE has been a huge help."

– Tim Scrivner, Jailbreak Race Events

Featured Customer Stories

Horizon Race Solutions

Learn how Atlanta’s Horizon Race Solutions runs with the full ACTIVE Lifecycle for a lightning-fast finish.

Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon

“On-Site completely eliminated the wait for check-in. It took less time and required fewer volunteers.” -Marti Greer, Race Director

Great Cow Harbor 10K

ACTIVE brought innovative marketing solutions to rejuvenate this 40-year-old race and drive new registrations.

USA Triathlon

ACTIVE has been a driving force in continuing to push the technology curve for this constituency group.

American Multi-Sport

ACTIVE has been a driving force in continuing to push the technology curve for this constituency group.

Powerlifting Singapore

Saves them time and makes managing their entire registration process easy.

Off 'N Running Tours

It was critical for me to use a product that would get the word out and would be easy to use.

Miami Tri Events

I really enjoy working with ACTIVE. It is simple and user friendly.

Rocky Trail

Rocky Trail Entertainment ramps up security and streamlines race registrations.

UFIT's Clean and Lean Challenge

Online registration helped double participation in a group fitness challenge.

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

Biggest race event in Asia successfully registers 73,000 runners.

Cerulean Sports Group

Creating an emotional experience for participants

Iron Girl

Saving 5 minutes per participant with mobile registration

Hell Run

A strong brand and easy race software makes Hell Run a success

Girlfriends Half Marathon

Looking good, feeling great & living life to the fullest

Pat Griskus Triathlon Series

Going 100% online saves hours of time & provides increased security

Homestretch Run the River

Using affordable marketing to max out participation

Run the Jailbreak

Get dirty, have fun, do good

Big Sur International Marathon

“Best Destination Marathon” runs management 100% online and is Gold Certified for green initiatives

Vineman Ironman

Vineman, Inc. puts on challenging, sell-out races over one action-packed weekend

Finish Line Productions

Great races in beautiful places

Volunteer Friends for the Cure®

Non-profit steadily increases participation & fundraising with integrated event technology

Gator Run

Simi Sunset Rotary Club fundraises for good causes and brings the community together

7 Sunshine Coast Marathon

ACTIVE is always trying to get better and that's important to me

BIBD Charity Expedition

Without ACTIVE, we wouldn't have been able to more than double our registration numbers.

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