UFIT's Clean and Lean Challenge

Online registration helped double participation in a group fitness challenge.




There's no busier time for the fitness industry than January. Singapore's UFIT stepped up the annual New Year's resolution gym fervor with the Clean & Lean Challenge. Fitness and nutrition coaching were offered in groups, so participants could benefit from valuable information and community support to meet their goals.

In 2014, ACTIVE Works Endurance automated online registration and payment systems for UFIT's fifth Challenge. This drastically increased participation and saved the organisers lots of time on administration.

Interview with Darren Blakeley, co-founder and general manager, UFIT

Prior to using ACTIVE how did you manage your registrations for the Clean and Lean Challenge?

Initially we didn’t really have any detailed plan for how we were going to handle the registrations. We didn’t really know how big the program would be and how many people would register and attend. We were trying out a new idea like we do with a lot of fitness initiatives. We have a lot of fitness initiatives that grow around our programs. We asked people to phone in and to come into the studio and register manually.

It didn’t really work very effectively. It was extremely time-consuming and fraught with errors. One person could turn up and say, “I registered with so and so,” and then that person might not remember having registered the client, so it was very messy.

It was also more difficult getting payment manually because it was running outside of our standard programs. Our standard personal training programs, nutrition programs and bootcamps all had their payment methods established already. This was running outside of that and we didn’t have a payment methodology in place, so payments were an issue as well.

"We’ve only done one Challenge using [ACTIVE] and we’ve almost doubled the numbers"

Has the number of participants in the program grown since you started using the ACTIVE Works Endurance Online registration platform?

Yes we’ve only done one Challenge using the ACTIVE Works Endurance platform and we’ve almost doubled the numbers. We were getting 80 to 95 people on average in the four Challenges that we had done previously. In the fifth Challenge, when we used the ACTIVE system, we got 155 participants.

Why do you think participant numbers have almost doubled?

I obviously think it’s due to the improved registration and payment process. Once we had the link to the registration page, we put that link in all of our promotional materials, on Facebook, in our flyers, emails and everything went out with that link. Our clients found the site very easily and with a number of clicks they had registered, signed up, selected their preferred time slot and made payment. I think that the process was probably taking people less than a few minutes.

Why did you choose ACTIVE Network?

We’re neighbours. You guys are located on Telok Ayer Street and we’re on Amoy Street. I had known about ACTIVE Network through one of your employees who did one of our programs before. We had a look at your registration system and we’ve had some history with ACTIVE Network so it made sense. Personally, I’ve seen ACTIVE grow massively in the last few years. It’s been incredible growth for ACTIVE. I met with your colleague from ACTIVE and she did a great job of explaining the system and how it works. It was really a no-brainer for us.

Do you AND YOUR participants like using the system?

I have interacted with the dashboard and the site when registering for some of our clients. It’s a very simple, clean and easy site to use. I have found it very easy to use. I also think participants landing on the site and using it, find it a very easy site to navigate and use.

In a nutshell how has ACTIVE ’s technology helped you improve the online registration process?

I think in a nutshell, ACTIVE has provided a top-class platform, easily accessible, easily navigable and, on top of that, the people at ACTIVE are really nice to work with. I think that ACTIVE is a very professional business and there are very professional individuals working in the business. ACTIVE Works Endurance is a great platform, very user-friendly and overall it’s been a wonderful experience.

We’ve only done one Challenge using the ACTIVE Works Endurance platform and we’ve almost doubled the numbers... overall it’s been a wonderful experience.