Rocky Trail

Rocky Trail Entertainment ramps up security and streamlines race registrations.

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Rocky Trail Entertainment is one of the fastest growing mountain bike event organisers in Australia, running more than twenty diverse and exciting endurance races per year.

During its first few years of operation, the organisers used a basic open source online payment system to gather entry fees but the system was not user-friendly and offered poor security for processing payments online.

"ACTIVE Network has definitely streamlined our processes and made our life easier."

Event Management Solution

In 2010, Rocky Trail Entertainment opted to use ACTIVE Network’s event registration system to manage all of their events in order to provide the highest level of online payment security standards to its competitors.


Thanks to ACTIVE Network’s easy-to-use online registration forms, automated email communications and customisable reporting tools, the organisers were able to save hours that were previously spent on admin work. With this extra valuable time, the organisers were able to spend more time focusing on building relationships with their audience while growing their events portfolio.

"ACTIVE Network has definitely streamlined our processes and made our life easier resulting in less time spent looking at databases and more time out there with our customers at the events" Martin Wisata, Managing Director, Rocky Trail Entertainment