Powerlifting Singapore Raises Revenue with ACTIVE's Registration Software.

Registration made simple and headache-free RELYING ON ACTIVE NETWORK’S TECHNOLOGY AND TEAM SUPPORT.



The Event

Powerlifting Singapore was founded when a small group of volunteers collaborated with the Singapore Weightlifting Federation to create the first ever Singapore Powerlifting Meet and Singapore National Open in 2011. Since then, the Open has expanded to a larger national sporting event which attracts athletes and spectators from neighboring countries such as Malaysia, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Brunei, the USA and UK. In early 2015, Powerlifting Singapore started to use ACTIVE Network’s software to transform their registration process.

The Product

ACTIVE Network Endurance


Saves them time and makes managing their entire registration process easy.


Q: Can you tell us about the Singapore Powerlifting Open and the Singapore Powerlifting Invitational?

A: This is our second year organizing the Singapore Powerlifting Invitationals. We have invited more than 10 federations across the globe to send athletes to this invitationals. We’re very excited as top level athletes from the various countries are coming over to Singapore to compete with our own.

Q: How did you first manage your registrations for the Singapore Powerlifting Open?

A: Before we started using ACTIVE, we were just using Google docs and our payments were made via bank transfer. It was very manual—as manual as you can get. Our treasurer had to handle most of the headaches as she had to individually check and verify all of the receipts for each bank transfer. It was a tedious and time-consuming task.

Q: Has ACTIVE helped you save time processing registrations and payments?

A: It has done so much more than that—it has cut down the registration process and saved us headaches!

Q: Why did you choose ACTIVE?

A: One of the reasons we chose to work with ACTIVE was that it took away the verification process. With ACTIVE, our customers have to make a payment before they are allocated a slot, if they don’t complete the entire payment then they will not receive a slot. This is much better then what we used to have in place, where customers had to drop us an email and then transfer the payment before securing their slot by a certain date and time. Using ACTIVE’s system is so straightforward—you make a payment and you get the slot, if you don’t make the payment and complete the registration, you don’t get the slot. Securing slots for a competition is so much easier and faster; it gives the lifters a peace of mind knowing they are officially registered in the competition, without having to email to check.

The system also looks much more professional than a Google doc and bank transfers, so our participants take it much more seriously. The entire process is improved and the conversion rate is really high. Participants can use their credit card or debit card to pay and there is no issue.

Q: Do your participants like using the system?

A: Yes, they find the system much easier to use too. Once they pay they get an instant confirmation of their slot, compared to in the past when they had to wait for us to check the Google docs and verify their payment before sending a confirmation email.

Participants sometimes want to change their information and now they are able to do it themselves before the closing date I set for them. They can log into the system and make whatever changes they need to make (such as changing weight class or shirt sizes). Having a self-service ACTIVE account not only makes it easier, it gives the participants a sense of control.

We also use the system to sell our event t-shirts as additional purchases. We saw a very high increase in merchandise sales with ACTIVE’s system because now participants can preorder and pay online. We have sold two to three times more merchandise since we started using ACTIVE.

Q: How do you use the reporting features?

A: It’s very easy to generate the reports with the reporting dashboard. The reports are accurate. I have found that other systems I used in the past had formatting issues but ACTIVE’s system is very accurate. One click reporting is the future.

Q: How have you used the customized form feature?

A: The system is very straightforward and we had really good help from our Account Manager. We carefully built our initial form as we added a lot of different registration types for the different weight categories and age groups but the entire form can now be easily duplicated for all our future events!

Another great feature is that participants can register for another person if they are all over 18 years old. This is very cool. We have athletes from different countries and sometimes only one person in the group has good English and computer skills, so now that person can register for everyone. Group registration is a very good feature and it has been utilized not just by overseas athletes, but also team leaders from local gyms and groups. Of course the signing of waiverS will still be prompted by the system to be signed by the athlete himself as this is an important signature that we must get the athlete himself to sign.

Q: What are some of the ways you ensure that the participant experience is the best possible?

A: We are a registered non-profit sport society providing a drug-free platform of high organizational and judging standards for all athletes to compete. The last thing we would want for them is to worry about how difficult registration could be and whether they have been officially given a slot. A powerlifting meet doesn’t simply take days or weeks to prepare for, every moment counts. No one here is doing powerlifting as a full time job and everyone is busy with their own lives. They don’t have time to spend on so many small details. The popularity of this sport has been on the rise in the recent years (not just in Singapore but globally) and it is the perfect time to have a professional platform to cope with the increased numbers and also expectations.

Q: In a nutshell how has ACTIVE helped you improve the online registration process?

A: Essentially, ACTIVE has streamlined a lot of our registration process, saved administrative time and effort. Right now the registration can be easily managed by one or two people at a time because there is no more manual verification or excessive admin. ACTIVE helped us create a truly professional registration experience.

Q: What support did the ACTIVE team provide you before, during and after your events?

A: Before our event, ACTIVE gave us initial training so that we had a good understanding of the system, what it’s capable of and how to change from our manual processes. There were no issues during the event—the payment went very smoothly. It’s been pretty cool.

Q: How would you describe your overall experience with ACTIVE?

A: Excellent! We are going to keep using ACTIVE in the future!