Horizon Race Solutions

“There is no downside for us in using ACTIVE Results. All it takes is one extra mouse click within ACTIVE Timing.”
– Sloan Ware, owner and timer, Horizon Race Solutions


Horizon Race Solutions is a timing and event management company located in Atlanta, Georgia. The organization was tasked with timing the Atlanta Dogwood Festival Mimosa 5K, a scenic race which culminates in a mimosa toast at an 82-year-old festival in Piedmont Park.

For the first time at this event, Horizon implemented the full ACTIVE Lifecycle: Super Elite Readers with UHF technology, ACTIVE Timing, ACTIVE Results and ACTIVEWorks® Endurance. Because the ACTIVEWorks® Endurance platform pushes all data to ACTIVE Timing, Horizon was able to sync participant records with the data captured from participants' UHF tags and Super Elite Readers to the scoring platform–no list uploads required.

ACTIVE Results 3.0 was another key to Horizon’s winning timing strategy. This new solution allows timers and event directors to immediately share results with participants on the ACTIVE Results platform. When using the ACTIVE Lifecycle, timers can also take advantage of pushing live results to ACTIVE Results during the race.

In past events, this seamless data flow wasn’t possible. “The time from getting results to formatting them and uploading them to our site probably took about 15 minutes,” says owner Sloan Ware. “The more important time savings is from the participant's perspective and how long it takes for them to find their results. With the new ACTIVE Results, everything is published in real time. When a participant runs the event, they can find their time instantly.”

Download the case study to learn more about how the full ACTIVE Lifecycle, including ACTIVE Results 3.0, provided a well-timed solution for this endurance event.

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