ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® is the only platform that combines the power of big data methodology with more than 16 years of registration history, offering access to global trends and behaviors across thousands of activities. ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud® seamlessly weaves together data from activity organizers and participants with powerful insights such as participant propensity, social media trends and household demographics, providing you with actionable intelligence never before available to event organizers. While you’re dreaming up the ideal experience for your event, we’ll be there with data and insights to maximize the number of registrations you sell at a price that optimizes your organization’s revenue.


ACTIVE Intelligent Insights

ACTIVE Intelligent Insights®

View your key metrics on one screen and update your goals to ensure your event’s success. This overview will help you make quick, informed decisions.

  • Competition Level: Assess the number of events competing for participants in your area.
  • Registration and Revenue Status: Monitor real-time performance compared to your revenue and registration goals.
  • Participant Reach: Track participant propensity and interest based on location.
  • Revenue Analysis: Compare your current revenue to related events in your area at a similar point in their lifecycle. Analyze how your per-registrant average price stacks up to your past events.
  • Performance Timeline: Track your event performance over time and predict your future registration and revenue.
  • Real-Time Insights: Show where your participants are clustered, the current interest in similar events in your local area and previously untapped populations.
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ACTIVE Participant Tracker®

Easily create a comprehensive profile of registrants and potential participants with layers of micro-level insights. Participant Insights brings indispensable localized data to your event planning.

  • Event Locations: Map your event locations on an interactive Google Map and discover competing events in your area.
  • Registration Timeline: Chart how registrations have occurred over time and view them on a map to see where participants came from.
  • Social Interest: See what people are saying about endurance events like yours on social media. Check ACTIVE.com event searches near your race to find even more potential registrations.
  • Historical Interest: Find where participants from past events similar to yours have come from and develop marketing that targets their location.
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ACTIVE Participant Tracker
ACTIVE Revenue Generator<sup>®</sup>

ACTIVE Revenue Generator®

Do more than just drive urgency—set smart pricing strategies that deliver the revenue results you need to optimize return. Let the sophisticated features of ACTIVE Revenue Generator® do the math for you.

  • Projected Performance: Real-time projections of your revenue and registration progress. Guarantee that your price points will equal what you need to cover your costs and meet your goals.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Maximize revenue with data-driven, event-based pricing strategies.
  • Event Performance Timeline: Measure your current revenue and registrations compared to your best-performing events and against competing, similar events. See a full picture of your event’s performance.
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