Tracks, stages, courses, mountains, asphalt…managing a bike race is a complex undertaking. We get it and we’re here to help. ACTIVE Network’s cycling software isn’t made of carbon fiber, but it’s just as strong and flexible. It’s made to help you do more with less effort, automating all that admin work that’s a time suck. You’ll be able to spend more energy thinking about creating a great event experience for your participants, instead of handling busywork.


From hard-core leg shavers to first-time off-roaders, we give you unique access to millions of endurance athletes who are ready to enter your race.

  • Free Listing - Your event will be listed on, which attracts 2.5+ million unique visitors each month.
  • Extra Visibility -  Your listing will have an eye-catching “online registration” symbol and be distributed to 700+ affiliate partner websites (such as,,,, and more).
  • Facebook Integrations - Cyclists can “Like” or “Share” your event when they register, promoting your event on as well as on their Facebook walls for their friends to see.
  • Additional Marketing Services - Custom branding, set-your-price Instant Ads, targeted online ads, special offer emails, e-newsletters, features, and more...these marketing options can be tailored to suit any budget and packaged to get results.
  • Increased Registration Numbers - Everywhere we advertise your event will link directly back to your registration page!

Our marketing resources have consistently proven to help get more participants in cycling events and can help your event in other ways, too.

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Our cycling software is more than just registration. You can organize, manage, and report on your event in ways that help you make better decisions.

Manage Event Details Easily - Cycling
  • Online Registration & Payments - Register participants and collect payments quickly and efficiently. Collect registrations while on the go with the On-Site mobile app for race day and expos.
  • Team Management - Easily register and manage groups via a special team portal.
  • Custom & Standard Reporting - Make more informed decisions with reports on registration numbers, participant demographics, revenue streams, and more.
  • Volunteers - Get the help you need with integrated volunteer recruitment and management.
  • Fundraising - Raise money for a cause and track your donation goals with integrated fundraising tools.
  • Data Security - Rely on our strict standards of data security and PCI Level 1 payment processing compliance to keep all of your event info safe.
  • Globalization - Expand worldwide with the ability to use 9 languages and collect payment in 6 currencies.

You’ll be able to efficiently control every event detail, down to tire PSIs (OK, maybe not that, but you’ll be close!).

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Differentiate your race and give your cyclists an incredible experience, all while cutting down on your workload.

  • Participant Self-Editing - Allow participants to self-edit their personal info and transfer race numbers, eliminating time-consuming phone calls and emails.
  • Tools to Meet Participant Demand - Create wait lists, VIP or lottery-style entries, and coupon codes.
  • Registration Protector - Incentivize participants to register early with this add-on opton, which safeguards registration fees for both you and your participants.
  • Searchable, Interactive Results - Display results in a searchable format, with interactive graphs and race comparisons that will keep people coming back to your site and boost web traffic.
  • Custom Training Plans - Get your cyclists prepared for race day and keep your event top of mind.
  • Participant Technical Support - Save time and operate more efficiently with the support we provide to both you and your participants. Our support, which includes phone, email, and live chat, is free and unlimited.

Whether you’re putting on a kids race with training wheels or catering to the pros, our technology can help you win their loyalty while strengthening your brand.

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Free Advice

We don’t want to just be your technology provider, we want to be your partner. With 10+ years in the industry and thousands of clients around the world, we can give you advice on everything from website optimization to marketing best practices to event pricing strategies.

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Unlimited Support

Call, email or live chat with us and real live humans will be on the other end to help, at no cost. We have teams for technical support and general account support, as well as a great online help center. Plus, your participants can call us (instead of you) with any registration questions! 

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Easy & Fast Set Up

We understand that you have other priorities and limited hours, so we make sure that getting set up on our race management software will take no time at all. It’s fast and easy, allowing you to open for business and start taking registrations quickly, without hassle.

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With ACTIVE’s online registration and the ongoing ability to fine-tune that, we have a seamless process that allows people to click on the Death Ride® at our site and immediately get to ACTIVE’s registration page. ACTIVE is so well-known by athletes, there’s absolute trust. It’s really easy for everyone.

Teresa BurkhauseTeresa Burkhause, Event Director
Tour of the California Alps Death Ride®

Pacific Sports has been working with ACTIVE Network since 1999. In those days, it was like the Wild West. Many companies—most were mom-and-pop operations—were mingling their registration monies with operating costs, which meant the sky could fall at any moment…ACTIVE brought legitimacy and sound fiscal practices to the online registration industry.

Jack CaressJack Caress, CEO
Pacific Sports LLC

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