Putting on a fun, memorable event is something you love to do, but it may consume so many hours you feel like it’s another full-time job. Whether it’s your first event or you simply haven’t had time to find the right solution to help you run everything efficiently, ACTIVE’s online race management software will help shoulder the workload and save you time.

Built specifically for endurance events, the system is comprehensive and easy to use, eliminating those pen-and-paper processes that require you to spend late nights on data entry and manual organization. You can automate all of those tasks—most importantly registration—by putting them online where information will be securely collected and quickly accessible. You’ll also get free marketing as our customer, helping you attract participants without negatively impacting your budget. You’ll be able to juggle day-to-day management, cover all of your costs, and put on one heck of an event in less time and with less stress.


Easy Online Race Management Software

You may think that paper entry forms are the easiest and most affordable way to get people signed up. But don’t forget that someone (probably you) will have to manually input all that info into some sort of database (time consuming) and then carry around cash and checks (risky) to be deposited at the bank (more time). Make it easier on yourself by using online race management software for events small and large.

Online registration software can be set up fast and will run itself.

  • Online Registration & Payments - Participants can securely register and pay at their convenience, 24/7.
  • Integrated Fundraising - Want to include a fundraising option? No problem. Participantscan contribute a donation or even set up their own fundraising page.
  • Improved Efficiency - You have no data entry, no loose cash, and all of your event info is organized and secure.

Online registration and race management software also makes it incredibly easy to connect with your community.

  • Built-In Email Tool - Create segmented contact lists and send event updates, even automating confirmation emails, race day reminders, etc.
  • Volunteers - Use the software to recruit and manage volunteers, getting help for organizers like you who are doing too much on your own.
Easy Online Race Management Software

Free Marketing

We know you don’t have a big budget to spend on advertising, so ACTIVE offers free marketing that will get your event noticed.

  • Free Event Listing - Your event will be listed in’s searchable calendar, which attracts 2.5+ million unique visitors each month.
  • Extra Visibility - Your listing will have an eye-catching “online registration” symbol and be distributed to our 700+ affiliate partner websites (such as, Runner’s World, ESPN,, and more).
  • Facebook Integrations - Whenever someone registers for your event, “I’m In” is posted on your registration page and on that participant’s Facebook wall for all their friends to see. 

Everywhere we advertise your event—whether it’s on, partner websites, or Facebook—will contain a link that leads straight back to your registration page. And this won’t cost you a penny!


Reliable Event & Participant Support

We have a support team dedicated to helping our customers with all of their event and technical questions. But what makes us more valuable to event directors is that we support your participants, too. 

  • Event Support - Our support—which includes phone, email and live chat—is free and unlimited.
  • Participant Support - If participants have registration questions they can come to us, which frees up more of your time to focus on building a great event experience. 
  • Participant Self-Editing - Participants are able to edit their own personal info and transfer bib numbers without any involvement from you, saving hours of time. 
  • Registration Incentives - Generate coupon codes for registration or merchandise discounts to boost your numbers and revenue. 

ACTIVE’s race management software is built to support and grow your event, in a variety of ways that are easy for you to implement.

Reliable Event & Participant Support


Free Advice

We don’t want to just be your technology provider, we want to be your partner. With 16+ years in the industry and over 13,000 clients around the world, we can give you advice on everything from website optimization to marketing best practices to event pricing strategies.

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Dedicated Support

You'll receive a dedicated account manager who will be there when needed throughout your event planning and execution process. You’ll also have access to technical support designed to meet the needs of your event, from live chat and online help to live phone support. Plus, your participants can call us (instead of you) with any registration questions!

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Easy & Fast Set Up

We understand that you have other priorities and limited hours, so we make sure that getting set up on our race management software will take no time at all. It’s fast and easy, allowing you to open for business and start taking registrations quickly, without hassle.

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