Establish Connections with Participants

Your existing customers are among your most valuable assets. When nurtured, they are a recurring source of feedback, referrals, and revenue. They are your brand ambassadors and your champions. And while most organizers know that building and maintaining a strong relationship with their customers is critical to their success, few feel they do so effectively.

96% of race organizers believe it’s important to establish connections with participants, but only 23% feel like they are succeeding in building those relationships.

*2016 survey conducted by ACTIVE.


A Better Way to Engage Your Customers

A Better Way to Engage Your Customers

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool within ACTIVEWorks® Endurance lets you easily identify segments within your existing customer base so that you can tailor your communications to provide better experiences and build strong connections with your participants.

By directly integrating this data into our email tool, you don’t need to rely on confusing spreadsheets and multiple technologies. No exporting and importing required.

Develop Brand Ambassadors

Develop Brand Ambassadors

Target registrants who have generated a high number of referrals. Encourage additional referrals and reward them for their loyalty! We automatically generate 0-5 star influencer ratings so you can identify your top advocates. Our rich data-science algorithms help rank and classify email engagement, social influence, and lifetime value.


Identify Repeat Participants – and Keep Them Coming Back

Creating a custom segment to group all participants who have registered for more than two events is easy within the CRM tool. This lets you communicate discounts to the people most likely to love them.

Targeted Communication

Identify key demographics within your database and provide relevant content. That might be merchandise and add-on opportunities for big spenders, shareable, image-heavy stories that resonate with millennials, or athletic sponsor-focused content to returning, frequent participants. Get as granular with targeting and segmentation as you like without the need for manual contact list management.

Advanced Reporting

Your team now has immediate access to the entire registration, purchase, and contact history of each of your customers. With just a few clicks, you can monitor which campaigns are working and which aren’t. Then, when a customer calls or emails, you can easily reference every interaction your organization has had with them and use this information to personalize your conversation.

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