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Go Digital with Event Sponsorships

Show local sponsors and national brands how they are expanding their reach by creating digital solutions to a paper-based problem. Event sponsorship has never been easier with ACTIVEWorks® and online sponsorship software. If you can type out a couple quick sentences and upload an image, you’ll be able to attract sports sponsorships and retain them for years to come.

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Expand Your Online Reach

Find new sponsors, engage with participants and make your event a more interactive experience. Deliver an online race sponsorship experience to organizers and sponsors using the best digital assets, including interactive race planning, data, demographics, social media insights and more.

Reporting and results of virtual event bags.

See Results in Real Time

With Virtual Event Bags, you’re able to see measurable results as soon as the event bags are emailed. Once participants open their digital bag, you’ll be able to see results instantly, from the number of clicks on offers to conversions, something you can’t measure with paper coupons and flyers.


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It makes our lives easier and also improves our relationship with our sponsors
Laura Sanchez, Events Manager, The Running Zone Foundation



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