Social Media Strategy Basics for Race Directors

Social Media Strategy: The Basics - Part I

Most race organizers use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to promote events, but you may not know if it’s worth your time, or how to measure success. Considering that 81 percent of racers spend up to a quarter of their waking hours of social media, it’s a huge opportunity to reach your participants.

In this webinar, social media experts will show you how to create a social media plan that helps you meet your most important goals, measure your progress and get better with each post.

You’ll also learn:

  • Key reasons a social media presence is so critical to your race’s success
  • How to integrate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into a cohesive marketing strategy
  • What metrics contribute to the success of your social strategy
  • Social vocabulary to help you master the language of social media

Watch our free webinar now to learn the basics of successful social media posting.