Free, on-demand webinars feature presentations from endurance experts on a variety of topics, including planning, marketing, and social media.

How to Get and Keep Sponsors for Your Event
Learn how you can consistently and accurately prove the value of your event to attract and retain relevant sponsors, while offering a richer experience for participants.
How to Create Engaging Events
David McGillivray delivers tips to make your race stand out, attract more runners (and keep them coming back), improve the spectator experience and offer creative swag.
Race Director Exchange with Dave McGillivray Sports Enterprises and The Color Run
Dave McGillivray and Matt West of DMSE join John Connors of The Color Run® to answer race director’s questions on marketing, pricing and more.
Race Mistakes Hall of Fame
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes made by race directors to ensure a smoother race day. Dave McGillivray will present about all that could go wrong on event day and how through careful planning you can prepare for any scenario. From train disputes, overturned water trucks and active crime scenes, see what makes it in the Race Mistakes Hall of Fame!
Permits & Finances: Event Planning Essentials
What seasoned race directors know is that the two most important things you’ll need to pull off your event are permission and money. Whether you’re a non-profit organization raising money for charity or a company trying to build a profitable event – or anything in between - you can’t get your event off the ground without the proper permits in place or adequate financing.
The Fundraising Formula
Whether you’ve partnered with a charity in the past or are considering incorporating “fund-racing” in your event for the first time, this webinar will show you the best ways to be successful, creating a great experience for your participants, charity, and your team.
Turning a Transaction into a Relationship
Steve Baskin, CEO of YAVAY, cover topics such as how to get creative with the benefits you seek for a sponsor, whether ROI in sponsorships is a myth or reality, how to get the results you want by starting at the finish line – and more!
Safe, Simple, Fun
Learn the golden rules of medical support planning and preparation, plus how to factor in participants, the course, and your event budget. Presented by Mamie Wheeler, RN, event medical director for the Portland Marathon.
How to Increase Race Revenue Per Participant
There is no better way to increase race revenue. Watch the webinar to learn how to increase revenue across the participant journey.
More than just Mud
It takes more than a mud pit and some costumes to put on a well-run, safe Mob event. In this webinar, Liam Brenner of Ruckus Sports and Tim Scrivner of Jailbreak Race Events discuss how to make a Mob event a success for race organizers, participants, and the community.
Social Media Strategy Basics for Race Directors
Most race organizers use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to promote events, but you may not know if it’s worth your time, or how to measure success. Considering that 81 percent of racers spend up to a quarter of their waking hours of social media, it’s a huge opportunity to reach your participants.
Social Media Strategy Advanced Tactics for Race Directors
Race Directors watch this free webinar now to dig deeper and get better results with social media.
Answering Common Virtual Event Bag Questions
In this webinar we address you'll learn answers to common Virtual Event Bag questions and get a glimpse into the VEB process, from both the event director and sponsor views.
Discover – Get SEO Savvy With 5 Quick Tips
Build your SEO knowledge with these 5 tips from the experts at the ACTIVE Network.
Reflect – Seek Solutions with Surveys
Survey your race participants to get the feedback you need to create a better experience with each race.
Launch The Lifecycle - Build Your Marketing Plan
Build your marketing plan for your next event with tips from this webinar from the ACTIVE Endurance marketing experts.
Prepare – Spark Anticipation With Social Media
Market your next event on social media like an expert with tips from this social media marketing webinar.
Experience – Elevate Your Email Marketing Expertise
Make the most of your email marketing campaigns with this webinar full of email campaign tips.
Engage – Create Your Value Wedge
Engage your race participants with this webinar with tips on how to create your value wedge.
The Modern Race Director’s Toolkit
Are you using all of the ACTIVE Endurance tools at your disposal to drive registrations and simplify managing your events? Find out about the tools you can take better advantage of with this webinar.
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