How to Capitalize on the Rise of the Experiential Consumer


6 Trends that are Changing the Participant Landscape

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The participant landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift. What we’re witnessing is the rise of the experiential consumer in a “Go Pro” era where everyone wants to be a hero in their own movie. More and more money is being spent in search of experiences that can serve as the backdrop for that movie, which presents a huge opportunity for event directors. This goes beyond obstacle-course races and adventure races and takes us into something much bigger.

The article will reveal the six evolving trends that give evidence to this rise of the experiential consumer, including:

  1. The explosion of Mob™ events
  2. The increase in finish times
  3. The growth in female participation

And 3 more!

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“People are hungry for events they can participate in socially and visually, and they want proof of it.” Eric McCue
General Manager, Sports,
ACTIVE Network