Email Marketing Cheat Sheet for Race Directors


Despite the onslaught of new messaging systems through social media, email is still numero uno when it comes to effective marketing. According to the Radicati group, about 2.5 billion people use email. It’s cheap, simple and almost everyone owns an email address so your options are endless. Race directors can send information on virtually anything through email. Email can also lead to higher lead conversions, increased sales and awareness for your race.

But, everything from the content within the body of the email to the length of your subject line can affect the open and click-through rates of your messages. Though email marketing is relatively easy, it still needs to be strategic—especially for race directors.

Download our “Email Marketing Cheat Sheet for Race Directors” for a few quick tips on how to do email right. In simple steps, we break down:

  • Why email is important for race directors.
  • What kinds of emails to send.
  • What makes a good email.

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