Profile of a Mob™-ster 2013

The Mob-ster Experience from Start to Finish


We surveyed thousands of Lifestyle Panelists in 2012 to learn about how, when, and why they participate in Mob events…and yet we were still curious. So we surveyed them again this year and discovered there was much more to add to our Mob-ster profile!

The survey revealed quite a few new things. The key takeaways include:

  • Team participation increased by 25%
  • Loyalty decreased as more and more new events appeared on the scene
  • Top 3 motivators include fun, uniqueness, and friends
  • And more!

We’re sharing this proprietary info to help you better understand participants so you can market more effectively and create events that keep attracting them in droves.


"It’s really easy for people to sign up as a team & then they can use the social media integration to invite friends to join them. That’s a place where the technology has been extremely helpful."

Dan Hill, Founder & CEO of Electric Run