Permits & Finances

Event Planning Essentials For Race Directors

Permits and Finances
Permits & Finances: Event Planning Essentials

Whether you’re considering how to get a permit for a 5K race or need to finance a massive marathon, the truth is that putting on an event is very hard work and the lack of structure and guidance makes it even harder for race directors to be successful.

The permitting and financing of events will continue to become more sophisticated, but with careful planning and disciplined best practices, you can build a great event.

In this guide, based off of our extremely popular Events Permits & Finances webinar, we'll review:

  1. Event Objectives
  2. Event Concept
  3. Permitting Your Event
    • Potential Partners
    • Permitting Authorities
    • Insurance
  4. Financing Your Event
    • Revenue & Expenses

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