Online Registration Success



The following checklist is intended to help you take full advantage of this growth opportunity by broadening your exposure and increasing your registration numbers.


The best way to promote your online race registration is to get people to visit your website, so promote it at every opportunity and capture visitors at the point of interest by making navigation to online registration simple.

  • Prominently display a link to online running race registration.
  • List online registration as the first registration option.
  • Use an Active web button.
  • Provide a link to online registration on multiple pages of your website.
  • Update your homepage regularly with recent news and event-specific information.


Sending effective e-mails on a regular basis will help drive traffic to your website, build loyalty with your participants, and increase your registration numbers. Set an e-mail schedule and stick to it!

  • Include last year’s participants in your e-mail promotions.
  • As you receive offline registrations, key in those e-mail addresses, and include them in future email blasts.
  • Send an e-mail announcing online registration and event information as well as a direct link to registration.
  • Send an e-mail a few days before registration costs increase, and include a link to the registration site.
  • Send an e-mail a week before online registration closes, and include a link to registration.
  • In every e-mail you send, provide a direct link to the registration site, and always ask recipients to forward the e-mail to family and friends.
  • List the customer support e-mail address ( in all broadcast e-mails.

Print Materials

Traditional print materials present the perfect opportunity for promoting online event registration in the form of advertising materials, flyers, registration forms and more.

  • Display your website address prominently.
  • Include an “Online Registration Powered by” print logo.
  • Make e-mail a mandatory field on all print forms.
  • List incentives for registering online (early registration, discounts, etc.).


There are countless ways a race director can creatively promote endurance events and drive online registration. Consider incorporating some or all of these proven tactics into your promotions plan.

  • Set annual online registration goals, and create a deliberate marketing plan to ensure your success.
  • On your voicemail recording, suggest the online registration option and provide your web address.
  • Mention your event and include a link to your website in your Outlook signature.
  • Include online registration information on an event press releases distributed to your local media.
  • Offer discounts, special offers, or other incentives for participants who register online.
  • Extend online registration until right before the event date, since no data entry is required.
  • Eliminate mail-in forms from all promotional materials.
  • Offer online registration exclusively.