How to Organize a 5K Race


Tips & Advice for Planning a 5K Race

How to organize a 5k

When planning a 5K, whether it's your first time or your 100th, it helps to have a guide and we can give you exactly that. In our "How to Organize a 5K Race" you'll learn from Boston Marathon’s race director, the Chief Running Officer from Runner’s World, and some of the industry experts here at ACTIVE Network. Download the free article to turn your big idea into a reality – you’re ready.

Download this guide on organizing a 5K to learn how to:

  1. Making sure your race doesn’t lose money
  2. Getting on the same page with city officials
  3. Attracting some sponsors
  4. Marketing your event
  5. Planning for next year

And more!

It’s all there, explained by the best race directors to help you learn how to organize a 5K run. Download the guide now!

"Preparation is key. Once that start gun fires, your event has a life of its own." Dave McGillivray
Race Director, Boston Marathon