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Permits and Finances
Permits & Finances
Learn about the two most important things needed to put on an event: permission and money.
Profile of a Mob™-ster 2013
The Mob-ster Experience from Start to Finish
How to Organize a 5K Race
When planning a 5K, whether it's your first time or your 100th, it helps to have a guide and we can give you exactly that.
Event Pricing Strategies that Make a Big Impact on Revenue
Event directors generally don’t spend much time thinking about how to price their event year after year, which leaves too much opportunity on the table.
How to Organize a Marathon
Always had a passion for running? Want to help hundreds (if not thousands) of people get fit?
25 Free Ways to Promote Your Race
You know about Facebook and Twitter, but what about Google Voice? Or Slideshare? There are tons of event promotion tools available that race directors can take advantage of.
Race Director's Checklist
To maximize the experience for participants and improve your event year after year, there are important milestones, not just before, but during and after the race.
How to Increase Race Event Revenue
There are numerous ways to grow race revenue. Download our guide to help you put together a strategy to increase your race revenue.
Social Media Playbook
The purpose of this social media manual is to help you put together a strategy that will help you increase participant engagement and create the best event experience.
How to Outsmart Facebook’s News Feed
It’s estimated that 96% of fans NEVER return to your page after the initial “Like.”
How to Capitalize on the Rise of the Experiential Consumer
The participant landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift.
20 Race Director Mistakes to Avoid
If you’re a rookie, or even an experienced race director, how can you avoid mistakes before they happen?
Get Found in Google
Google has bumped out the Yellow Pages as the go-to source for information. So when people are looking for athletic events to participate in, they just "Google it."
Online Registration Success
By providing your participants with the option to register online, you’ve created an opportunity to grow your event exponentially
Importance of Email
E-mail is free, fast and proactive!
How to Plan a Marathon
Learn tips and tricks to planning a race event such as a half-marathon or marathon. If you're a seasoned or a new race event director you'll find this information useful when planning a marathon.
Increase Event Revenue
A few of the many ways we put our experience to work for you
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“Being able sell merchandise (glow lights, glow sticks, face paint, etc) within the registration path has been really incredible—we sell more through this channel than we do on event day.”

Dan Hill
Founder & CEO,
Electric Run