TUHF™ Reader

Affordable Timing in a Box. The single-use chip timing system is the lowest-cost UHF solution available. TUHF offers premium features and maintains the quality and accuracy you’ve come to trust in IPICO products. TUHF comes with ACTIVE Timing, a user-friendly timing and scoring software that integrates with ACTIVEWorks Endurance.

The TUHF reader adds a UHF race timing solution to IPICO's proven line of Dual Frequency products. With low cost and inexpensive timing chips, the TUHF reader offers premium features and maintains the quality you've come to trust in IPICO event timing products.

Key Features

  • Ethernet/WIFI connections - 3/4G Capable
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • 1MM plus Internal memory is supported by firmware
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  • Lightweight - Weighing in at less than 15 pounds, TUHF is highly portable and compact without sacrificing durability. The lightweight, rugged exterior ensures TUHF performs well in all weather conditions.
  • Storage - With onboard logging, you can directly store over 1 million tag reads on internal memory and easily extract records via USB.
  • Connectivity - In addition to built-in Wi-Fi/LAN, TUHF also has global 4G/3G GSM capability for full mobility and easy setup. With full connectivity right out of the box, you can post results quickly and integrate with event apps for real time updates.
  • Longevity - With battery life up to 6 hours, you won't need backup batteries or generators for most races.

TUHF Reader Specifications


Length: Included timing lines configurations of 2x3m or 1x6m

Tag Read Capability: 300 TUHF Bibs in 1 second

Speed: Up to 60 miles/hour

Countries: America

Configuration: 2x3m or 1x6m

Memory: 1 million reads

Interface: RJ45, WIFI, 3G/4G

Interface: LEDs to indicate number of bibs.


Processor: Custom ARM Processor

Startup: < 5s

Time Shift: < 0.36s @1 day



Dimensions: 440×340×220 mm

Weight: 10.0 kg (approx 4.54 lb) without antennas

Water Resistant, Crush Resistant, Dust Resistant

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