UHF Best Practices

Frequency matters when it comes to timing. While the basic principles of race timing will stay the same, there are differences in how you prepare for a race with ACTIVE | IPICO Dual Frequency technolo... (Read More)

Cool Tip to Grow Revenue

As a Race Timer, you are always looking for new services that you can offer your customers. That’s a key part of your business strategy. After all, next to your expertise your services are what ... (Read More)

Introducing the TUHF Reader

    Jerry Riebling of River City Race Management, a long-time, loyal ACTIVE | IPICO timer, loves the work he does. For many years he has built his business on the gold-standard accuracy tha... (Read More)

5 things timers love

Timers get a lot of – well, let’s be honest – dumb questions during race day. And while our preferred response to most of these questions would bring in some pretty great reactions from particip... (Read More)