How One Race Grew to over 20,000 registrations and became an influencer

In case you missed the article in Endurance Sportswire this morning, Nicolas Stevens, our Senior Product Manager offered some awesome insight into how races become influencers. Below is a quick preview, for the full article visit Endurance Sportswire

Take a look at the races and brands that inspire you, whether on social media, blogs, forums or simply industry chatter.kevin-meredith-16-04-17-5d-mrk3-1383

What is it about these races and brands that has you paying such close attention?

They are influencers.

An influencer is a brand or a race making waves through innovation and proven results in their industry. You can tell which brands are influencers by the size of their following. What is their rate of recurring registrations? Do they have a brand that is easily recognizable? Do they have a race that is so memorable that people can’t stop talking about it to their friends?

If the answer is yes, they’re an influencer.

I recently had the chance to witness a race like this when I worked with the Brighton Marathon Weekend. Like many influencers, Brighton’s goals were to continuously innovate, create outstanding participant experiences and improve efficiency while increasing their reach.

Those are lofty goals for a race, but in the increasingly crowded running space, it is critical to push your race harder and farther each year to stand out and stay on top.


You can read the full article here.


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