Timer of the Month: Eliecer Adames with Timing Co.

This month we sat down to talk with Eliecer Adames from Timing Co. in the Dominican Republic to learn more about what gets him up in the morning and how his IPICO hardware has helped to build his business.


Tell us a little about your favorite event that you put on?

Last year was a big growth year for us, we were given the opportunity to time a 10k race with over 3,500 participants. We were so honored because it was the biggest race in the country! We were excited to be trusted with this challenge; but at the same time, this was our biggest race yet and we were frightened by the task of setting up readers for such a large amount of runners. The IPICO team was invaluable, they gave great and timely advice. They even Skyped with us as we were setting up. With our hard work and preparation, the event turned out to be a success! To date, that was one of our favorite races ever from the ease of set up to the large crow, everything was amazing.Elseiser

What’s your current IPICO system setup?

We currently have six readers: (3) Lite readers, (2) Elite readers, and (1) Super Elite reader. We use them to primarily time Road Races (from 5K to Marathons) and Triathlons.

What challenges did you face when you first started timing events and how did you overcome them?

When we started, we had three readers, a triathlon to time and no idea of how to use the equipment; or even to create a race…Once we learned how to properly use the readers and timing software, then we faced the real biggest challenge: the pressure from the race director and participants for their time! It took some time, patience, practice and experience to overcome the challenge. It helped immensely that with every passing event my confidence in the readers increased.

What changes to foresee happening to the timing market in Dominican Republic?

In our area race directors are starting to accept the use of the practical products we offer and their cost, like Bib Rings instead of shoe tags. That is definitely something that has helped us recently. Also, they are beginning to see some of the advantages of the new timing hardware and software and how that can contribute to the experience of their participants, and ultimately make their race better.

What advice would you offer others who are considering becoming an event timer?

My advice to new timers would be to take the timer job as not only the tools we use and the act of timing the race. Get involved in a more direct way with the sports that you measure. As you get to know the sport more intimately you become an expert and then you will provide the best service for athletes and the race directors.

What is your favorite thing about being an event timer?

I love being timer because as runners and triathletes we can see events from both sides, and understand what suits the participant to satisfy their needs towards a better service.


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