The Complete Timing Solution Race Timers Have Been Waiting For

Ease-of-use. Streamlined processes. Real-time reporting. These are key things that timers are looking for when they are evaluating different timing software options. ACTIVE Timing is the answer to your event timing needs. As a complimentary offering with IPICO hardware, ACTIVE Timing is built for activities both large and small. It acts as the primary scoring application, automatically highlighting discrepancies and detecting potential errors, it even integrates with ACTIVEWorks Endurance Registration—simplifying the process of uploading participant data for event organizers.

Additionally, ACTIVE Timing offers expanded support for triathlon and lapped events, making it the complete solution event timers have been waiting for.

Why choose ACTIVE Timing?

Simplicity: Most timing solutions can be difficult and time consuming to learn. As the most intuitive timing platform, ACTIVE Timing is simple to learn and use, no matter the experience level, allowing event timers to make the best use of their overview1 (002)

Scalability: The ACTIVE Timing platform is effective for events of all sizes, handling the requirements for races that have many split points and large amounts of participants.

Integration: Aggregates data from event information, check-in, and provides real-time participant data to keep timers and organizers up-to-date as the race progresses. Also, offers real-time synchronization with event management software, which allows registration to stay open until minutes before the event.

Proactive: Timing discrepancies are flagged immediately, quickly identifying unassigned tags and missing participant data. An embedded software update function also ensures you always have the latest improvements. It also performs globally and features several different language interfaces.


To get more information on ACTIVE Timing and it’s features visit our website or contact your IPICO sales representative.