UHF Best Practices

Frequency matters when it comes to timing. While the basic principles of race timing will stay the same, there are differences in how you prepare for a race with ACTIVE | IPICO Dual Frequency technology, and how you prepare for a race using UHF RFID race timing systems.


Whether you are a new race timer, or an old-timer timer, there are steps you can take to ensure the accuracy of your reads and refresh your memory. Based on successful events with our TUHF reader, we have compiled this list of Best Practices.  Preserve your investment and get tips on:

  • Software specifically designed for UHF readers499_16_Thumbnail
  • Common UHF mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Assembly and transport of RFID tags and equipment to ensure accurate results

Feel free to print this out and pack it in the trailer as you get ready to time your races this weekend.