Cool Tip to Grow Revenue

As a Race Timer, you are always looking for new services that you can offer your customers. That’s a key part of your business strategy. After all, next to your expertise your services are what make you stand out from the pack! One area that you may not have looked to as a potential revenue generating opportunity is your Bib offerings.

With ACTIVE | IPICO we offer custom bib options. Whether you are timing a Turkey Trot, a Triathlon, or an experiential race, we have a bib offering that is sure to impress.

When pitching to your customers, here are some unique ways they can use your custom bibsBibTag_9

  1. Organization: No matter the size of your race, race day logistics are a major hassle. Custom Bibs with pull tags can help to help to alleviate this stress in several ways. First, if athletes have multiple stops to make after they pick up their bib, use the pull tags as a checklist of sorts. For instance, if they have to pick up a t-shirt, event bag, then food and beverage after the race. Let them know, and have each pull tag represent a stop on their journey. For ultimate efficiency you can even put their shirt size on their pull tag. By using the pull tags to walk the participant through the race logistics, you are making the race director’s job easier AND ensuring that each participant only gets their designated share of shirts or refreshments.
  2. Sponsorship: Race Directors are always looking for new ways to increase sponsorship. Why not suggest that the Race Directors use the bibs to attract sponsors. Pull tags are a fantastic opportunity for coupons post race. Is there a local ice cream parlor that would be interested in offering a free scoop to racers post race?
  3. Triathlons: Setting up triathlons is an enormous undertaking. Many triathlons have several races in one (i.e. 5k, Sprint, and Olympic), you can keep track of which track participants should be on by coordinating bib color to race. Take this organization a step further by using Bibs with detachable wristbands to track who has access to the transition areas and the after party.

These are just a few ways you can grow revenue by offering custom bibs.

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